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Pinot Grigio - Italian

R.J. Spagnols
Cru Select Platinum

Kit Time:  6 weeks

Kit Size:  16 liters

Stock Code:  3255

Description:  Pinot Grigio is a medium-bodied, lighter colored wine with delicate floral notes. Crisp and flavorful, it has characteristic tropical fruit aromas and hints of green apple, melon and citrus. The finish is soft and fruity, yet assertive and dry. Pinot Grigio is a refreshing alternative to the intense oak of many Chardonnays. Ideal when young, Pinot Grigio is a perfect accompaniment to fish and seafood, as well as pasta with cream sauces. BODY 2 SWEETNESS 0 OAK 0
Price:   $132.32
Status:  Temporarily Out of Stock