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Chocolate Black Cherry Pinot Noir

Vineco International
Niagara Mist

Kit Time:  4 weeks

Kit Size:  7.5 liters

Stock Code:  VC6056

Description:  A luscious blend of juicy black cherry, rich dark chocolate, and subtle vanilla flavors; from the alluring cocoa and ripe red fruit aromas to the gentle chocolaty finish, you’ll savor every second. With the signature Niagara Mist easy-drinking, fruit-forward sweetness and light body, Chocolate Cherry Pinot Noir is just decadent enough to be a treat, but still light enough for every day.
Price:   $67.63
Status:  In Stock

Notes:  Sweetness: 6 / Alcohol: 7% / Oak: None / Body: Light IN STOCK AND READY TO SHIP! LIMITED SUPPLY AVAILABLE.