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Cabernet Reserve

Cellar Craft International
Sterling Collection

Kit Time:  5 weeks

Kit Size:  12 liters

Stock Code:  CF3562

Description:  This 12 liter 5-week red wine kit offers 10.5 liters of must plus 1.5 liters of crushed Cabernet Sauvignon grapes from California. No colorings, flavorings or non-grape esters or botanicals were used - you get true varietal character with aroma, flavor, and body - at a price that is much less than the regular-sized 6 week crushed grape pack kits.
Price:   $106.67
Sale Price: $85.34
Status:  Temporarily Out of Stock

Notes:  This kit includes 40 grams of French oak. Only TWO kits available at this price due to supply on hand. First come, first served.