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Argentinean Malbec

Cellar Craft International
Showcase Collection

Kit Time:  6 weeks

Kit Size:  18 liters

Stock Code:  CF3542

Description:  Originally a minor grape in Bordeaux, France, Malbec has been elevated to greatness in the higher altitude vineyards of Argentina, especially in the Mendoza region below the towering Andes. Our Malbec is distinguished by its dark, dense structure; full, rounded mouth-feel; prominent, lush flavors of ripe cherry, black currant and blackberry; subtle notes of clove, vanilla and caramel with background suggestions of earthiness.

Cellar Craft's 18 Liter format employs juices and concentrates fermented with the skins and solids from over 12 pounds of virgin, varietal grapes creating exceptional aromatics and depth of flavor. Premium, lightly toasted Hungarian oak is used in our exclusive 2-stage oaking procedure. This wine begins to show its character after 3 to 4 months in the bottle but is built for extended aging. It should continue to develop for 2 years or more.
Price:   $176.84
Status:  In Stock