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Item #:2597A
Description: This optical winemaking tool that allows you to take quick and accurate measurements of the amount of sugar (Brix) in your grapes or fruit in the field, helping you determine optimum harvest time. Sturdily built out of metal, it offers a rubber grip, comfortable rubber eyepiece, focus adjustment, pipette, calibration screw, and a nice protective hard vinyl plastic carrying case. Complete instructions with diagrams included. The refractometers are equipped with superior optics, an easy-to-read display, and an automatic temperature compensation (ATC) system - no temperature conversions to worry about! Extremely easy to use and lightweight; weighs only 7 oz. Easily calibrated with distilled water and a small screwdriver (included). Measures 0-32 Brix, has ATC, with accuracy of +/- 0.2% Brix
Size: Range 0-32 Brix

Price: $49.95
Sale Price: $39.96
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Purchases made in Laurel Springs, NC
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