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Fermtech Auto Siphon

Item #:2224C
Description: 3/8" Outside Diameter. Our customers have told us that starting a siphon is the most difficult thing to do properly (without wasting a lot of wine) because it requires a lot of dexterity and timing. With the FermTech Auto Siphon, siphoning has become a snap and nary a drop of wine is splashed during racking. Just attach some tubing, insert one end into the carboy, and give the pump handle a couple of strokes on the other end. Within seconds, a siphon is started and wine begins moving to the other vessel. Even experienced winemakers prefer this siphoning method because it's more sanitary than the old-fashioned way!
Size: 3/8" OD

SPECIAL NOTE: Requires 5/16" Tubing

Price: $11.96
In Stock

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