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Sale Prices only apply to online Orders or Purchases made in Laurel Springs, NC.

Fermtech Blast Bottle Washer
Stock Code:  2265
Price:  $10.99
Sale Price:  $8.79

Solid Shiny Red PVC Capsules
Stock Code:  2424
Price:  $0.14
Sale Price:  $0.10

Green Line Hydrometer
Stock Code:  2604
Price:  $5.96
Sale Price:  $4.77

Sparkolloid Hot Mix
Stock Code:  2715
Price:  $2.16
Sale Price:  $1.73

Ascorbic Acid
Stock Code:  2726
Price:  $4.99
Sale Price:  $3.99

Campden tablets
Stock Code:  2731
Price:  $3.95
Sale Price:  $3.16

Potassium Sorbate
Stock Code:  2742
Price:  $2.20
Sale Price:  $1.76

Bucket Opening Tool
Stock Code:  2214A
Price:  $6.80
Sale Price:  $5.44

Fermtech Auto Siphon
Stock Code:  2224C
Price:  $11.96
Sale Price:  $9.57

Our Complete Wine Kit - Red Wine
Stock Code:  3100
Price:  $339.71
Sale Price:  $245.99

Our Complete Wine Kit - White Wine
Stock Code:  3200
Price:  $323.39
Sale Price:  $236.99

Oak Cubes - French Light Toast 1 lb..
Stock Code:  2521
Price:  $24.78
Sale Price:  $19.82

Wine Specials

Argentinean Malbec
Stock Code:  CF3542
Cellar Craft International
Showcase Collection
18 liters
Price:  $176.84
Sale Price:  $135.86

Cabernet Sauvignon
Stock Code:  VC0866
Vineco International
16 liters
Price:  $125.54
Sale Price:  $97.06

Stock Code:  3165
R.J. Spagnols
Grand Cru
10 liters
Price:  $82.76
Sale Price:  $66.21

Stock Code:  VC779
Vineco International
California Connoisseur
7.5 liters
Price:  $72.98
Sale Price:  $56.73

California White
Stock Code:  VC771
Vineco International
California Connoisseur
7.5 liters
Price:  $60.70
Sale Price:  $46.85

Chardonnay - Lodi, California
Stock Code:  CF5337
Cellar Craft International
Showcase Collection
18 liters
Price:  $157.19
Sale Price:  $125.75

German Riesling Traminer
Stock Code:  3256
R.J. Spagnols
Cru Select Platinum
16 liters
Price:  $127.68
Sale Price:  $102.14

Stock Code:  VC6836
Vineco International
16 liters
Price:  $110.11
Sale Price:  $84.77

Pinot Grigio
Stock Code:  3271
R.J. Spagnols
Grand Cru
10 liters
Price:  $71.00
Sale Price:  $56.80

Washington State Pinot Gris
Stock Code:  VC0307
Vineco International
Cheeky Monkey
10 liters
Price:  $90.53
Sale Price:  $70.18

Cranberry Craze
(formerly Cranberry Chianti)

Stock Code:  3168
R.J. Spagnols
Orchard Breezin'
5.5 liters
Price:  $67.80
Sale Price:  $54.24

Melon Berry Merlot
Stock Code:  VC6788
Vineco International
Niagara Mist
7.5 liters
Price:  $72.28
Sale Price:  $55.92