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Sale Prices only apply to online Orders or Purchases made in Laurel Springs, NC.

Corks - Agglomerate
Stock Code:  2322
Price:  $0.12
Sale Price:  $0.10

Champagne Foils
Stock Code:  2329
Price:  $0.15
Sale Price:  $0.12

Champagne Stoppers
Stock Code:  2330
Price:  $0.16
Sale Price:  $0.13

Champagne Wires
Stock Code:  2331
Price:  $0.10
Sale Price:  $0.08

Champagne Wire Twister
Stock Code:  2332
Price:  $5.00
Sale Price:  $4.00

Green PVC Capsules
Stock Code:  2406
Price:  $0.14
Sale Price:  $0.11

Green Line Hydrometer
Stock Code:  2604
Price:  $5.96
Sale Price:  $4.77

Yeast, Lalvin EC-1118
Stock Code:  2707
Price:  $1.00
Sale Price:  $0.80

Bottle Capper - Red Head Twin Lever
Stock Code:  2786
Price:  $16.25
Sale Price:  $13.00

Our Complete Wine Kit - Red Wine
Stock Code:  3100
Price:  $339.71
Sale Price:  $245.99

Our Complete Wine Kit - White Wine
Stock Code:  3200
Price:  $323.39
Sale Price:  $236.99

Wine Specials

Amarone Super Pack
Stock Code:  CF3559
Cellar Craft International
Showcase Collection
18 liters
Price:  $161.40
Sale Price:  $129.12

Australian Cabernet-Shiraz-Merlot
Stock Code:  3179
R.J. Spagnols
Cru Select Platinum
16 liters
Price:  $131.98
Sale Price:  $105.58

California Red
Stock Code:  VC770
Vineco International
California Connoisseur
7.5 liters
Price:  $55.79
Sale Price:  $44.63

Stock Code:  3166
R.J. Spagnols
Grand Cru
10 liters
Price:  $79.69
Sale Price:  $63.75

Australian Chardonnay
Stock Code:  3219
R.J. Spagnols
Vino del Vida World Tour
9 liters
Price:  $92.50
Sale Price:  $64.75

Stock Code:  3275
R.J. Spagnols
Grand Cru
10 liters
Price:  $73.00
Sale Price:  $58.40

New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc
Stock Code:  3258
R.J. Spagnols
Cru Select Platinum
16 liters
Price:  $124.00
Sale Price:  $99.20

Pinot Chardonnay
Stock Code:  VC781
Vineco International
California Connoisseur
7.5 liters
Price:  $60.70
Sale Price:  $48.56

Sauvignon Blanc
Stock Code:  VC0880
Vineco International
16 liters
Price:  $102.95
Sale Price:  $82.36

Washington State Pinot Gris
Stock Code:  VC0307
Vineco International
Cheeky Monkey
10 liters
Price:  $80.35
Sale Price:  $64.28

Stone Fruit Syrah Rose
Stock Code:  VC6242
Vineco International
Niagara Mist
7.5 L
Price:  $63.86
Sale Price:  $44.70

Strawberry Sensation
(formerly Strawberry Riesling)

Stock Code:  3289
R.J. Spagnols
Orchard Breezin'
5.5 liters
Price:  $67.80
Sale Price:  $54.24

Chile Pinot Noir Ros├ę
Stock Code:  EP4826
R.J. Spagnols
En Primeur
18 liters
Price:  $151.00
Sale Price:  $120.80