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Recommended Winemaking Links

Yahoo Groups: wine-making - some great discussions about winemaking.

Online winemaking books:
Jack Keller's The Winemaking Home Page
Lum Eisenman's The Home Winemakers Manual
Michiel's Home Winemaking Page
Brewing Fruit and Wine Kits
Ben's Improved Winemaking

Other References, Recipes, Software and Tutorials:
Amateur Winemakers of Ontario - resources for winemaking and wine knowledge.
UC Davis Department of Viticulture and Enology - terrific resource about winemaking.
FermCalc - Free Java-powered winemaking calculator by Steve Gross . A really neat page! Perform unit conversions, calculate sugar requirements, acid adjustments, sulfite additions, hydrometer correction and alcohol content, and blending calculations.
M. Shapiro's Calculator page - Free measurement conversions and simple winemaking calculations
Lisa Shea's wine site on
The Uncorked Cellar - wine cellar management software which also provides the latest wine ratings and winery details, and allows you to analyze your wine collection with reports and graphs.
Don's winemaking recipes (great wine recipes in ZIP format).
More recipes hosted by the RCW recipe archive (login required).
Winemaking and brewing software from
Where do wine corks come from?
The Wine Files.
How to host a wine tasting.
Wine and food pairings.

Other Links
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Tom has really gone crazy now... he's opened his own winery in the Blue Ridge Mountains of NC called Thistle Meadow Winery.

The next time you're in our neck of the woods, visit the Burgiss Barn for a great Sunday lunch buffet or to host your next private party.

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